Content Management Extensions

Content Delivery Extensions

Content Management Extensions upgrades an existing CMS. It forms the basis for functions like managing complex P-classifications or the rule-based generation of publication structures for platform-based products and their variants.

  • Supports Content Management Systems
    CMx comes into play when the complexity of the product structure exceeds the capabilities of a regular Content Management System. It can help mapping out platform-based products by handling complex (P-) classifications.
  • Builds variants with ease
    The more variants a product has, the more difficult it gets to handle the corresponding information. Even though reusing information blocks helps - living in a time of agile development you can not keep up with the explosion of product variants. That's where content variant management on a modular and sub-modular level becomes necessary.
  • Rules Rule
    Rules become a powerful tool if the creation of document structures and generation of dynamic content needs to be highly automated. Building upon our Product Model Editor document structures can be derived from the product models, letting you work in a publication-independent process - you can call it agile documentation.
  • Managing variants
    With the variant creation and handling taken care of, the variant's history becomes important. through safe versioning and delta comparison features CMx can keep track of that also.