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Information models are represented in ONTOLIS as ontology with classes, properties and relationships. In addition to classes for information types (document, topic, graphic, ...), all objects used in product information are modeled as classes of the information model. An exact usage record and reliable updating in case of changes are thus made possible. Information models in ONTOLIS CMDS also include classes for product modeling. Generic classes, such as component or function, can be refined customer-specifically. Mapping of information models is an essential concept in ONTOLIS. ONTOLIS CMDS manages information not only independent of media, but also of information model.

ONTOLIS Topic-Editor

Create your topics in the integrated Topic Editor. Use fragments, phrases, objects, dynamic tables, placeholders and variables.

Object Library

Manage your objects, product models, documents, topics, fragments in one place and use them in your daily work. Configure filter settings for you and your team to access frequently used data faster.

Partially automated metadata management: Maintain the metadata of your topics in one contral place. Your topic inherits the metadata of its origin upon creation, but you can extend, change, adjust metadata at any time - directly in the topic.

Your benefits

Fragments, phrases, variables: In ONTOLIS you define your information objects according to your needs. Store phrases like prerequisites and use them whenever you need them. Use variables to maximize the number of your reused objects. Define variable sets with the necessary variable values and let them magically populate your finished content. Everything exists exactly once and you can use it again and again in different contexts.

You create information objects, you have to release them, you need new versions or you link content. A lot has to happen in ONTOLIS to make you wait. Our modern web interface shines with ultra-fast response times and executes almost everything in the background. Frozen screens are a thing of the past.

Many work steps repeat themselves several times a day. With ONTOLIS you can automate exactly those steps that cost you time and are always the same. The only requirement: It has to be defined in ONTOLIS. Every object in ONTOLIS can be used to run certain processes.

Your Features in CMDS

Featurewith CMDS
Schema: nodeclasses, relations, properties, validity rules, ...Individual information model based on ONTOLIS Documentation and Modeling Objects.
Versions and releasesConfigurable release of all information objects and units. Reliable versioning, traceable through minor and major versions.
LibraryStructural management similar to a file system.
SucheSearch super fast and ontology powered in a specific context for the required objects or use the full-text search.
Object Library: OL-CMDSComfortably access all the objects you need for your information model in the Object Library. Integrated search with configurable filters, saved search settings and tags.
Fragments and placeholdersModular content: Topics composed of fragments; usage of placeholders
Authoring CockpitEverything at hand for content creation: Topic-Editor with IntelliSense, language check etc.
Smart PropertiesAssign metadata by magic wand through context calculation.
PublicationConfigurable publication including live prevvie (HTML, PDF)w
SubscriptionsSubscriptions for all information objects : What has changed?
Configurable InterfacesImport-Schnittstellen, z.B. für Ersatzteile: Alles an einem Ort.
Image MapsSimple captions or complex exploded drawings: link it and use it.
ONTOLIS HelpIntegrated help center for ONTOLIS documentation and your own documentation.

Your Knowledge Boost

Get all the information you need about CMDS. How do I manage my content? What does an information model look like? What are fragments and placeholders? How do I manage my variants? How do I maintain metadata? How do I get my inventory documentation into CMDS? How do I publish? Which formats are supported? (more to come soon)

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