Build ontology-based applications.

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The world can be organized - but everyone does it differently. Choosing an ontology as a base lays the foundation for a common understanding. Independent of the section of the world you choose. The platform ONTOLIS has the claim to represent every imaginable reality.

This is what we start with

ONTOLIS is a special kind of software. Its core is not a finished product, but rather a platform that we call ONTOLIS Base. It is the origin of our complete work. We take the base - you get your application.

This is what we get

No matter whether 100 or 1,000,000 objects - due to the generic database solution ONTOLIS scales reliably, even with very extensive data collections and a high number of parallel accesses.

ONTOLIS is a modern software platform and born in the cloud - whether public, private or hybrid cloud. This guarantees fast access times for users and reliable scalability for large data volumes.

The requirements for an information platform like ONTOLIS are constantly changing. Therefore, ONTOLIS offers an interface with the graphical programming language QIRA, with which new requirements can be configured and switched live without code changes or downtime.

Ontology - the doctrine of being and the basis of our ONTOLIS applications. Within an ontology everything is related to each other. Conclusions and rules ensure a transfer of the model from the digital to the real world.

It needs exactly the one data model or information model that can represent your world. In ONTOLIS, you define everything exactly once, then reuse it in different places in different contexts as many times as you want. The advantage is that everyone works based on exactly this defined model. Adjustments and extensions can be made on the fly, so that nothing will upset you in the future.

QIRA is the graphical programming language for ONTOLIS. QIRA combines the best of the worlds of ontology (SPARQL), XML (XSLT) and relational databases (SQL). QIRA stands for Query - Integrate - Reasoning - Automate and allows the configuration of functions or even the evaluation of data sets directly in the user interface. QIRA can be used almost limitless and makes you us independent of the code and what is already there.

All participants work together in one place based on one data model. Misunderstandings are reduced to a minimum, copying is a thing of the past. Everyone can reuse existing information.

ONTOLIS is easily extensible and configurable through the user interface. The flexibility of the ontology modeling allows immediate adaptations to satisfy new needs quickly and easily - without any additional programming.

In ONTOLIS everything is connected with each other. Through context information alone, each element is already equipped with relevant meta-knowledge from the beginning of its life. If this is not the case, ONTOLIS enables the automatic determination of metadata including the corresponding weighting.

This is what you get

What are your advantages of using ONTOLIS? Simply formulated and valid for the entire product portfolio, we give you our word for the three major ONTOLIS pillars.

ONTOLIS is fast and that by default. Regardless of your data volume, ONTOLIS manages your data efficiently and conjures up fast access times. In the age of BigData, ONTOLIS allows itself to give time a very high priority. So you can work without delay always and everywhere in your ONTOLIS system.

Typing was yesterday. Define everything you need in your world once and reuse it. It doesn't matter if it's objects, snippets, metadata, topics, fragments, placeholders, variables, warnings, images. Assemble your content with a few clicks.

Show your world in different ways - as a tree, as HTML5, as text, as a table. Data-driven, relation-driven, usability-driven.