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CDx is basically not a stand-alone product, but rather an extension for your existing CDP. CDx offers you the possibility to define document structures, to configure a multi-facet search, to configure similar content and to have it calculated. If you also use a product model for finding content, you can integrate it into your CDP. With CDx you enable the display of the product model, a multi-facet search through the product model and similar content based on the product model structure. In addition, you can merge several product models into one large image in order to clarify relationships even better. If you already use an ONTOLIS product, you can have CDx configured in your existing ONTOLIS environment and get started right away. In the other case you get an ONTOLIS system with minimal configuration and the necessary ONTOLIS.Base features to map the above features. Directories for documents and product models are managed as models in tree structure. Multifacet search and similarity calculation are also modeled. The metadata used for this can come from external to ONTOLIS and are mapped, or you maintain them directly in ONTOLIS.

Search Configuration & Similarity Configuration

Configure a multi-faceted search for your CDP. Use specific filters and filter values so that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for. Offer similar content and define what criteria make content similar. Use your own metadata from a third-party system or manage your metadata directly in ONTOLIS.

Document Directory

Place your documents in the right order or hide them from the table of contents of your CDP. Define yourself which document should be displayed at which position.

Product Model & Product Model Directory

Bring the product model to the customer. Use the product model for advanced navigation through your content. Bring multiple product models, such as components of a product, to display in one product model in your CDP. The product model provides a view of the world that pure content can hardly represent.

Your benefits

With the right metadata, an efficient multi-facet search can be set up, the filtering of which can be used intuitively by users. The text search becomes a secondary matter. Thanks to the similar content offered, searches can already find what they are looking for here.

Present your users a new view of your world - of your product. The product model can simply visualize your existing documentation or even show a completely new view of your product. The product model can also be displayed very roughly in the CDP, in order to always be able to keep the overview.

Your view and the view of your readers do not always have to be the same. For the case that you want to bring your documents afterwards in a more understandable or clearer structure, the document directory helps you. Build your own chapter structure or hide some documents completely.

Your features with CDx

Featurein / with CDx
Search ConfigurationConfigure fixed and dynamic filters. Restrict offered filter values and map dependencies between metadata.
Similarity ConfigurationUse the ONTOLIS Reasoner: Configure which content is offered as similar content based on metadata. Weight the similarity according to need.
Big Picture and navigationDiscover instead of search: Support users with additional navigation in the product model to find content and understand the product.
Product model searchSearch through the product model and find content in a different way
Assembling product componentsBuild an entire product model from multiple partial product models to display the correct components or associated documentation depending on the customer configuration.
Mapping of metadataMap your metadata from different source systems and use it for search and related content
Integration of terminology dataStore your terminology to assist in searching, e.g. by synonym recognition.
Rule-based filteringFilter your content rule-based, feeding rules with metadata and distinctive features.
Document DirectoryStructure your documents into a logical, big picture. Change the table of contents so that users can find their way around.
Open InterfacesGive ONTOLIS your Metadata and content. Let CDx work for you and integrate it into your CDP.

Your Knowledge Boost

Get all the information you need about CDx. How do I configure the search? How can I offer really relevant content to my users? How do I structure my documents? How does the product model come into play? And how does CDx integrate with an existing CDP? (More to come)

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