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Dein Workspace

The Ontology Suite is the most powerful version of ONTOLIS and comes in the usual ONTOLIS design of our web application. In contrast to other ONTOLIS products, you can manage everything you can imagine here and you are domain-neutral to begin with. OS is therefore our and your personal development environment for ontology-based applications. It is characterised by the fact that all functional areas and therefore all ONTOLIS basic functions are available in their basic configuration. Through company-specific adaptations and the definition and modelling of your world, solutions are created that meet your requirements. ONTOLIS OS is the right choice whenever different departments and disciplines need to be networked in the company in terms of data. Build your overall ontology for the entire company to prepare for the digital transformation.

Access to ONTOLIS functional areas

Configure existing functional areas according to your needs. Implement your requirements with minimal effort by understanding and applying existing functionality.

ONTOLIS basic features

Use the ONTOLIS basic function pool by utilising completely trivial features for your purposes. Implement workflows and map processes that are based on your ontology and optimise and automate the management of your data.

Super complex controls - simple configuration

Get maximum benefit from our super-complex controls by understanding and adapting ONTOLIS and how it works. There is everything you need.

Deine Benefits

ONTOLIS OS allows you to visualise any domain and is based on what you define. With schemas, QIRA procedures and a suitable GUI configuration, you can build solutions for requirements that were previously unknown. If you know what you need, ONTOLIS OS provides the answer in just a few steps. The current ONTOLIS product portfolio does not cover your domain? ONTOLIS OS will.

Don't tie yourself to the status quo and develop what works for you. ONTOLIS OS sets no limits, but gives you a helping hand. Use ONTOLIS basic functions to develop completely new functional areas.

Stay neutral and bring all disciplines under one roof. The free definition and maximum configuration allow you to integrate all "data types". You are not restricted as to what and how you want to map something. The narrower the definition, the more precise it becomes. The advantage of ONTOLIS is that you decide exactly that yourself and implement it with our help through consulting and support.

Your Features in the Ontology Suite

Use ONTOLIS in and with all its facets. ONTOLIS OS gives you access to all ONTOLIS functionalities. Map your complex world, transfer basic features to your domain and use them. Drive configuration options to infinity, analyse what you have. A list of OS features is beyond the scope of this article. Take a look at the ONTOLIS basic functions under Technology & Features to get a feel for what is possible.

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